The Premiere Lender to OFW's


PJH Lending was registered in Cebu in March 1999. Since then the company has experienced phenomenal growth and today is a well established company with more than one hundred and thirty (130) staff operating from offices nationwide. PJH Lending Head Office is in Cebu City and we have a total of six (6) branches; two (2) in Metro Manila, one (1) in Cebu, one (1) in Cagayan De Oro City, one(1) in Ilo-ilo City and one (1) in Bacolod City. The history of these offices, the policies responsible for their growth, and their future prospects are discussed in the following sections.


For the first two (2) years of operations, real estate mortgage was the predominant loan type. However, the company ceased issuing REM in late 2001 in order to focus exclusively on its Small Loans Portfolio which had begun to show great promise. The portfolio consists of three (3) loan types; OFW Pre-departure Loans, Vehicle Mortgages, and Non-Collateralized Loans to Non-OFWs.

At the beginning of 2004, vehicle mortgages comprised of 75% of the portfolio. However, by October 2004, OFW loans had grown to become the principal loan type and PJH’s share of the Cebu OFW market already exceeded 90%. In January 2009, PJH opened a second Cebu office strategically located only 100 meters from the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency or POEA. The purpose of this office is to target non-agency OFWs.


PJH had established a virtual monopoly of the Cebu OFW Lending Market by late 2004 and the potential for future growth locally had become limited. The obvious area to branch out into was Metro Manila as this accounts for 90% of OFW recruitments within the entire country. Accordingly, in January 2006, we opened our Metro Manila Office, Ortigas to specialize exclusively in our performance proven OFW Loans. This office is within 100 meters of the main POEA building and it is used to target Non-Agency.


Several large recruitment agencies that we assist in Cebu and Manila also have offices in Cagayan De Oro. We knew, therefore, that there would be a guaranteed and substantial level of business when we opened our office in Cagayan De Oro in May 2008. Having a nationwide presence also has secondary advantages and this office will cater all our OFW’s from Mindanao area. A worker recruited in Manila or Cebu but having family and co-maker in Cagayan can still be accepted. But the end of 2015, the Cagayan De Oro office has already assisted total of 85 local and visiting recruitment agencies.


On December 2011 we opened the Iloilo Office because most of our credited recruitment agencies in Manila and Cebu are also expanding their recruitment offices in cities where the POEA offices are present. At the end of 2015, the Iloilo office has already assisted total of 30 local and visiting recruitment agencies.


Recruitment agencies in Bacolod City are growing as well so we decided to open a branch in Bacolod on April 2014. At the end of 2015, the Iloilo office has already assisted total of 18 local and visiting recruitment agencies.